Mental Health Associates launches website

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Mental Health Associates, the listening service for ICT industry professionals experiencing any type of mental health issue, has launched a website to provide easy access to information and support.

The organisation was set up by telecoms veteran Peter Orr and a group of trustees last year with a mission to act as a 'first response' resource for people in the ICT industry who need someone to talk to in these challenging times.

Peter Orr, CEO and founder at Mental Health Associates, explained, “Given the events of last year, we moved forward the launch of Mental Health Associates as it became clear to us that plenty of people within the channel were struggling and needed help immediately. We are delighted to launch our website so we can reach more people in need and encourage associates to come forward.

“We are here to help if you are struggling with any type of mental health issue. Most importantly, the website provides information for those who need support with specific needs and we will continue update the information area. In addition, the website will help us raise awareness so companies can point their employees towards our services should they ever need to talk to someone. Our trustees are hopeful this awareness will enable companies to identify Mental Health Associates as their charity of choice in the coming year.”

Orr joined a recent episode of the Comms Business Channel Insider Podcast, where he discussed founding the organisation and his reasons for moving its launch forward.

The Mental Health Associates helpline is available on 0330 124 4338, and the team is raising £50,000 to train and induct an additional 100 associates from across the UK. You can donate here.