Metavoxx launches all-in-one business app for Channel

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Metavoxx's mission is to provide small/medium-sized business with a complete communication and contact management solution, freeing them to work from anywhere, in a browser or the mobile app.

Metavoxx Business is a; single sign in - VoIP Phone, CRM, Contact Management, Business Messaging, Email, Video meeting room, Document storage, Screenshare and more in a single app.

"New users can be deployed in minutes by a reseller or admin, with no configuration or software installed on the user's remote computer, not even a plugin, just log in and go on any device," says Paul Hanner Co-Founder and Technical Director.

Metavoxx has just released V2.x of the mobile app, now with document storage and CRM calendar and a whole host of other improvements and refinements to the main applications since the V1.x soft launch back in August 2019.

They have also considerably upgraded the browser-based user interface, now with features like call recording and call records in the CRM records, showing only calls to and from the business numbers in that record. Providing the user with this level of activity detail would be impossible to achieve with a traditional 'CRM / Phone system integration.' when each is from a different software house. To achieve, this Metavoxx has built the hosted telephony solution and the CRM from the ground up over the last 5 years to be fully integrated in the cloud. To the end-user, this means that there is no time or cost to attempt to integrate different products, and it also means that remote and mobile workers are kept in the loop and can also benefit from seamless integration.

“For resellers, there are enormous benefits with Metavoxx over reselling a traditional VoIP phone system,” says Robin Frost Co-Founder and Director. The inclusion of a CRM and more than nine other business communications and collaborations tools not only helps to sell the solutions but improves customer retention, and offers much better reseller profit margins than the incumbent stand-alone applications. For SME's the reseller can manage and configure all of their customer's users, even mobile, from the administrator console. And IT managers can manage their own users, even deploying new users with all applications configured in minutes, even when they are mobile or in a remote office on the other side of the world.

Metavoxx is hosted in AWS London, so customer data stays GDPR compliant. Metavoxx is a fully cloud-based application. Nothing is downloaded or installed on the user's device, so if users leave the business or are a contract worker, the administrator that disable all applications and data access with a single switch in the admin console.

For managers and SME owners, the level of visibility is unprecedented. From the desktop, user interface its easy to add tiles that track calls, CRM updates, sales stage updates, so you have live updates of what is happening in the business, even when end users are working remotely or on a mobile. They can even listen to call recordings of mobile app users.

Metavoxx is currently in late-stage talks with several significant players in the software and telecoms space in the UK and globally and expect to be announcing the partnerships in the first half of 2020.