Minutes Market Must Remain Competitive say daisy

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It is important that the minutes market remains competitive and that consolidation in both the carrier and reseller space continues according to daisy Communications sales and marketing director Rob Sims.

“Ensuring a high quality of service and a full product offering were available to customers was essential in order to continue driving the market forward. Smaller resellers continue to feel the squeeze as the market remains very competitive and customers become even savvier.

Carriers and resellers have to look for more imaginative ways to entice customers and lock them in.”

Sims believes that the biggest impact in his market is going to come from local loop unbundling (LLU)

“Exciting times are ahead for the UK communications market and Local Loop Unbundling is a real prospect for growth but even in this new landscape value for the customer must remain pivotal.

LLU provides a significant opportunity for communications providers such as daisy, and ultimately our resellers, and Business Partners. It will enable greater flexibility in terms of setting end-user pricing, enabling our partners to put forward a stronger proposition that is more competitive in the marketplace.”

Sims says that from a reseller’s perspective LLU will offer the opportunity to realise higher gross profits and reduce customer churn.

He added: “Customers will also benefit from technically superior and more competitively priced broadband solutions, as well as cost savings on line rental and calls. In this new landscape adding value remains key.”

Daisy has consistently performed well in the minutes market. The company has demonstrated continued growth throughout 2006, a trend that is being forecast to continue throughout 2007.

This has come from organic growth through the company’s traditional Business Partner and wholesale channels, as well as forming new strategic relationships with new partners.

Rob Sims believes the secret to the company’s success is its commitment to the channel and a strong customer focused offering.

“From a wholesale perspective this means continuing to offer resellers multiple products and multiple network solutions, as well as support and initiatives designed to help them drive new business and take a bigger slice of their customers monthly spend.

We remain committed to driving business through the dealer channel, focusing on helping our Business Partners acquire new customers and maximise revenues through existing ones.”