MLL Telecom Launches Next Generation NOC

1 min read
MLL Telecom has announced the completion of its next generation Network Operations Centre (NOC). The new NOC, which will significantly increase MLL Telecom’s ability to monitor and manage its network services, is launched this month.

‘The new NOC will help us deliver a range of new benefits to our customers. For example the improved intelligence provided means that our customers will now be able to receive management information at any location via devices such as the Apple ipad and be able to act upon it quickly,’ said Gary Marven, Chief Operations Officer at MLL Telecom.

‘More management intelligence also means that potential problems and design issues can be addressed much sooner in the design process. For example, on one project because the system was able to alert us to high temperatures in the street cabinets, we were able to modify the design of the cabinets to allow more ventilation, before network failures could occur,’ added Marven.

The new systems show the networks displayed in a logical hierarchy, which reflects the network infrastructure, giving the viewer a real-time, high-level view of the overall health of the network. This can show which components in the network are overloaded and at what time of day this occurs. All of this information means MLL Telecom’s engineers can plan to make services more resilient.

MLL Telecom engaged the services of Devoteam, a European leader in IT consulting and specialists in information systems, infrastructures and telecoms, to help manage the project and also bought in a suite of Computer Associates software.