Mobile Phone Tracking Is Not Mobile Phone Hacking

1 min read Networks & Network Services
Mobile phone tracking service provider, Trace A Mobile, has been quick to reassure worried callers to their mobile phone tracker helpline after they received a flood of callers fearing they too may have been victims of the recent mobile phone hacking scandal.

Apart from reassuring them that the company’s highly successful and popular GSM phone tracking service is in no way associated, or similar to any phone hacking that may have been carried out by Rupert Murdoch's News of The World newspaper, they have also been offering callers mobile phone security advice.

"Our main message to confused callers has been the ability to track the position of a mobile phone is in no way similar to someone illegally hacking into your voicemail, as has happened with News Corporation," said Managing Director, Jonathan Cook.

"Our mobile phone tracking service is fully regulated and approved by all the leading mobile phone telecoms companies and relies on the triangulation of mobile phone signals between phone masts to enable mobile tracking to take place. Whereas mobile phone hacking is someone illegally accessing your voicemail, either by using the default phone pin code or by tricking the phone system to change a pin code without your knowledge or permission."

Any callers to Trace A Mobile will receive advice on how the tracking service works and whether mobile phone tracking is right for them and advice on how to protect their phones if necessary.

"We treat people's privacy very seriously, which is why before you are able to access our mobile phone tracking service we check customers details and make sure the person being tracked has given their permission first,” Cook adds. “To protect yourself from mobile phone hacking you must make sure you set up a pin code and guard the security of your pin as closely as you would on email or a website password.”