Mobiya uses Oxygen8 to distribute classified ads via mobile phones

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Interactive communications company, Oxygen8 Communications, and Mobiya, a UK mobile advertising company for SMS marketing, have announced a strategic international partnership to deliver classified ads to consumers via mobile phones.

The new partnership will see Mobiya utilising the Oxygen8 platform and infrastructure for its classified ads systems and is expected to generate significant additional reach for Mobiya as a result of Oxygen8’s international presence. The high level of traffic and the enhanced distribution facilitated by the partnership is also expected to increase advert volumes and response rates, creating additional revenue opportunities for Mobiya and its publisher customers.

Using the Mobiya classifieds network, buyers and sellers communicate about classified advertisements using their mobile phones. Sellers can create adverts using their mobile phones, along with a photograph or even a video. Buyers can express an interest in a classified advert by sending a text message to a short code number, prompting the release of contact information from the buyer to the seller. The seller also receives real time alerts as soon as someone responds to their advert, making Mobiya classifieds fast and effective.

A key feature of the Oxygen8 mobile platform is that it is scalable and able to handle hundreds of connections and hundreds of messages per second, enabling Mobiya to run numerous classifieds systems and connect hundreds of buyers and sellers simultaneously.

Martin Davis, CEO at Mobiya commented: “Mobile Classified adverts are increasingly popular in the UK market and provide an excellent vehicle for anyone who wants to sell or find a product or service quickly and easily using their mobile phone. Media publishers also see the benefits of running a Mobile Classified ads service for their customers as it encourages greater audience interaction whilst also driving brand value and loyalty.”