MyCena announces channel drive

MyCena, an access management and encrypted password vendor, has announced a new drive to recruit channel partners in the critical infrastructure sectors and contact centres.

Founded in 2016, MyCena helps businesses apply access control, segmentation and encrypted password distribution across their whole infrastructure. MyCena said all channel partners working in critical infrastructure and contact centres could benefit from offering access control, segmentation and security solutions to their customers.

Julia O’Toole, CEO and Founder, MyCena explained, “In the physical world, there is no ambiguity. You use your identity to identify yourself when you cross a border or sit an exam for example. And you use keys to open doors: doors don’t recognise people and open for them. In companies, managers hand access keys to employees when they join and take them back when they leave.

“But in the digital world, identity and access have been confused. Employees have used their identity and made their own access keys or passwords to open the company’s doors and access all assets. This has mechanically opened companies up to a whole range of new risks, including password phishing, unauthorised sharing, loss and fraud, thus compromising the integrity and privacy of all their data.

“As ransomware groups continue to intensify their attacks on critical infrastructure, the pressure to ‘shield up’ will continue to mount. Trusted channel partners can play a key role in preventing those attacks and limiting their effects.”

MyCena’s patented solutions provide access segmentation, control and security to organisations by distributing unique encrypted passwords to employees in real time for every system, whether IT, OT, IoT, SSH, RDP, web applications or legacy systems. Passwords remain encrypted from creation, distribution, storage, use, to expiry, thus reducing risks of human error, password fraud or man-in-the middle attacks.