NeoWave & Voiceflex Forge SIP Gateway Relationship

1 min read
NeoWave are pleased to announce that following successful trials of their VoIPBridge product into various customer sites, Voiceflex will now recommend the product to their growing number of resellers looking to connect legacy PBX’s to SIP Trunks.

The VoIPBridge connects an end customer’s PBX that is not IP compatible by utilising the existing PRI or BRI cards within the system; the unit then converts what was the ISDN topology into SIP for the then connectivity to SIP trunks. Justin Blaine MD of NeoWave commented, “Now network connectivity is more reliable and at an affordable price this becomes a no brainer.

“Customers are starting to move to SIP trunking because of the cost benefits against ISDN and also because of the flexibility that can be added to the legacy system by overlaying hosted functionality without the need to rip and replace the current system e.g. IVR, homeworking, FMC to name but a few”.

Paul Taylor Sales & Marketing Director at Voiceflex added, “For a long while our partners having been asking for a cost effective ISDN to SIP convertor, NeoWave with VoIPBridge have now got a product that works and is up to 50% cheaper than any of their competition”. Taylor added, “On recent trials customers have enjoyed savings of over 60% on their current line rental and call costs and therefore Voiceflex will be recommending the product to their channel partners with immediate affect”.