Netomnia widens its wholesale full fibre services to 14 additional towns

Fibre network builder Netomnia has announced it has begun network construction in 11 towns across the UK following an investment of £150m. These areas will widen its existing network in Durham, Peterlee and Spennymore, and bring the company closer to its ambition to bring full-fibre broadband to 1 million UK premises by 2024.

Netomnia acts as a wholesaler to other ISPs, as well as sister company ISP YouFibre. Broadband services, covering a range of domestic and business broadband packages, can be purchased by ISPs.

Jeremy Chelot, Netomnia founder and CEO, said, “This is not just a commercial opportunity for me and Netomnia. The internet transforms lives, it’s a great leveller; if you haven’t got it or you’ve a poor connection you’re disadvantaged. I want to see the prosperity the internet can bring to towns where others haven’t bothered to turn up, or have made minimum effort.

“We’re not holding onto cash, we’re investing and Netomnia’s desire to connect people in previously forgotten but now fast towns. And the level of service from our ISP YouFibre is already embarrassing internet pretenders, and that also drives us forward.”

The company was founded in 2019 by Jeremy Chelot, the former CEO of Community Fibre. Wil Wadsworth, a former financial director of Gigaclear joined the company in 2020. Netomnia’s network uses the Openreach Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA) environment, and its networks provide symmetrical gigabit services up to 10 Gbps using XGS-PON technology.

Customers are already connected to and using Netomnia’s services in Peterlee, Spennymoor and Durham. Boston and Spalding will go live later in May 2021; Cheltenham, Stroud and Barrow in June 2021; and Ashford, Canterbury, Houghton, Kings Lynn, Stockton and Wisbech in July 2021.