Network Heatwave Warning From Nimans

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From the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee to a summer of sporting spectaculars Britain is gearing up for one of the busiest periods ever as the eyes of the world focus on the capital and beyond.

But voice and data distributor Nimans is urging resellers not to get left behind on the starting blocks, citing a real danger that IT business infrastructures could melt under the strain as internet usage surges faster than a 100m sprinter.

“There’s been a lot of talk about major road congestion and traffic snarl-ups during the Olympics and Paralympic Games, but it’s internet traffic and network congestion that could be an even bigger issue,” confirmed Nimans’ Head of Networks, Mark Curtis-Wood. “Business continuity and risk assessment are essential and resellers should be advising their clients accordingly. Now is the time to act before the starting pistol sounds.”

Mark says a lot of businesses are still not fully prepared for the enormous challenges presented – with Government advice encouraging more flexible working to ease the pressure, using video conferencing as one way to keep in contact. Many other host towns and cities could also be affected.

Deploying dedicated internet access could be one solution whilst ‘data on the move’ and mobile data capacity is another important reseller consideration, according to Mark. Deadlines that limit supplier access to installation and maintenance points particularly around London also need to be addressed.

“From our own evaluations, many resellers are ahead of the game, but others have been slow to act. Companies need to examine whether their whole IT infrastructures are capable of allowing staff to work from home or satellite offices, and whether they have sufficient network capacity to deal with any upsurge in demand. This Summer represents the ultimate test, not just for Olympic athletes.”