Networks First Launches VOIP Quality Monitoring Tool

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Provider of support services for network infrastructures Networks First has launched ‘Hummingbird’, an independent service to monitor and maintain the quality of IP telephony. The service allows companies to test and manage the quality on their networks as they provide the correct infrastructure to support real time applications such as VOIP and other dynamic network environments.

Optimising network infrastructure for IP Telephony requires on-going support. Hummingbird is a specialised management and troubleshooting tool which is vendor agnostic. It provides a comprehensive solution for managing, securing, diagnosing and reporting the performance and availability of IP telephony. Ideal for those wishing to test their third party carriers, Hummingbird allows companies to constantly monitor the health of their networks to ensure high call quality.

The service simplifies IP telephony management by allowing all applications and solutions to be managed from a single integrated console. It also maximises network performance and availability by creating alerts for any existing or potential problems in the IP telephony environment. These alerts are accessed in real-time via a secure, managed VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection from the customer’s network, allowing the Network Operations Centre at Networks First to respond quickly and effectively to any loss in quality.

Peter Titmus, Managing Director Networks First, comments: “Hummingbird ensures that a network is healthy. In order to optimise network infrastructures for IP Telephony, on-going management is required to ensure there is no delay, jitter or loss of sound. Companies need to be sure their networks can provide the savings and quality IP telephony offers. Networks First’s Hummingbird is able to provide an independent real-time monitoring solution that puts diagnostics in place to rectify the problem, producing the call quality expected.”

In addition to this, Hummingbird provides information that can assist change management by showing the affects of network change on IP telephony through identifying trends.

Titmus adds: “Since Hummingbird is an independent service, customers are getting impartial advice that is tailored to their individual network needs, not only for real time problems but also to aid in change management”.