New Claro VoIP Gateway Range for the UK Channel

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Iridiacom, the Hertfordshire based VoIP distributor, has released a new range of VoIP gateways from IP Gear (formerly Boscom). The gateways are designed to replace the ROBO gateway that offered a cost effective VoIP solution for Small Office Home Office users. The new series of fully user-transparent voice gateways are compatible with the existing range of IP Gear Claro 2000 and 3000 gateways.

There are three gateways in the range:

- Claro 31-A4-4 offers 2 FXO and 2 FXS ports and so allows the gateway to work in 'three leg' mode for two phones or PBX lines - this will replace the current ROBO gateway.

- Claro 21-X4-4 with 4 FXO ports - this is designed as a SIP endpoint supporting 4 analogue trunk circuits

- Claro 21-S4-4 with 4 FXS ports - this is designed as a SIP endpoint supporting 4 analogue extensions

Alan Doyle MD of Iridiacom commented, “We are very pleased to release the gateways to the UK market as they are built on cutting edge technology and this allows us to reduce the overall pricing by as much as 25%. With this new pricing and the extensive feature range, the gateways are sure to be a success. We expect they will prove very popular in the SIP Termination market place for Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) and for use with IP PBX systems. IP Gear now have new owners who have invested heavily in the company and this release is the first of many we will see over the coming months, this will definitely enhance IP Gear’s position in the VoIP market place.”