New critical vulnerability management offering for MSPs

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Pax8 has partnered with CyberCNS to provide MSPs with a multi-tenant vulnerability management platform. Pax8 is the first partnership CyberCNS has selected to-go-to market within the IT channel.

The new critical vulnerability management offering conducts a security assessment and ongoing scanning so that MSPs can identify critical vulnerabilities in their customers’ cloud, on-premises, and work-from-home environments.

Ryan Walsh, chief operating officer at Pax8, said, “A recent ESG Research Report commissioned by Pax8 found that evolving security practices is a top priority for 87 percent of partners surveyed.

“The partnership with CyberCNS is significant for our partners because it provides a unique security layer to the technology stack with its advanced vulnerability assessment technology. Because CyberCNS developed their solutions specifically for MSPs, they are easy to deploy, integrate with leading PSA tools, and are an affordable option for enhancing clients’ security postures.”

CyberCNS can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises, allowing users to automatically discover all assets, Azure Active Directory (AD) security anomalies, and Microsoft Secure Score across multiple tenants and networks.

Once the solution is deployed, best-in-breed technology regularly scans for both internal and external vulnerabilities. MSPs can mitigate risks and shadow IT by discovering system misconfigurations, firewall port inspections, newly discovered assets, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Additionally, CyberCNS adheres to the requirements of the IDENTIFY (ID) portion of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework.

Shiva Shankar, chief technology officer and co-founder at CyberCNS, added, “We strategically selected Pax8 as our first distributor to go-to-market within the IT channel. As security threats continue to rise, point-in-time vulnerability scans are no longer sufficient. To keep clients safe, MSPs must enable continuous scanning solutions to identify and remediate constant vulnerabilities. With CyberCNS, Pax8 partners can enhance their security offerings and protect their clients from sophisticated threat actors.”