New Direction for Communio

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Nadahl Shocair, managing director of reseller Communio Networks, the former UK end of DeTeWe that he took over last year, has confirmed a change in direction and focus for the company.

“Many observers are reading the wrong message in to the fact that we have downsized our sales force in recent months. Salespeople that do not meet target have to leave the company; it is as simple as that. Communio is doing well and on track with regard to our business plan.

Six months ago I changed the direction of the company to have more focus on telecommunications engineering services. Our business plan calls for more work to be carried out in these areas and in parallel we undertaking research and development at our facility in our facility at Aston Science Park, Birmingham and expect to make announcements concerning those developments shortly which will see the company expand.”

“Having said that Communio will also be retaining its existing business model to service more than 2000 customers via teams of field based and internal sale people. When I first arrived at DeTeWe in December 2002, we had a customer attrition rate of 22% meaning that the company would go to the wall in four years. Having instilled an ethos here that says ‘customers pay our salaries’, today we have just been audited by BSI and ISO and our attrition rate has been reduced to 8% and the company is moving forward. Communio is also developing third party channel services such as maintenance for other resellers.”

In terms of product portfolio Communio seems to have rationalised their product range down to Inter-Tel products following Shocair’s close involvement with the company and time spent with Inter-Tel executives in the US going over their product development plans.

“As well as the recent 5000 Series introductions I have also seen the forthcoming 7000 Series and there can be no doubt they are doing the right things. Installations always go well and our engineers love the products.”