New Fire Safety Product Alerts Deaf to Fire Alarm

DMS (Deaf Message Service) is a NEW fire safety product that informs deaf or hard of hearing people when the fire alarm sounds in a public place like a supermarket, shopping centre and library. It also helps service providers and employers comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), allowing deaf and hard of hearing people freedom to move around buildings without worry of missing an emergency situation.

When a deaf or hard of hearing person enters a building where DMS is installed, they will see clear signage asking them to text a location code to the DMS number. Once a connection text has been sent, the person will be connected to the DMS service for that location.

In the event of a fire and the fire alarm sounding, the DMS controller unit, which is hardwired into the Fire Panel, will trigger a process that within seconds sends a text message to all people connected to that location.

The advantage of DMS is its simplicity; a DMS controller unit can normally be installed in under half an hour and, unlike pager systems, it allows deaf or hard of hearing people to use what they already have with them; a mobile phone.