New GSM Deskphone from Burnside

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Burnside Telecom has announced the launch of the Burnside P355 GSM desk phone, the latest model in the P300 range of Burnside fixed cellular phones designed for the workplace and home.

The supplier says the P355 combines the ease of use and features of an advanced desktop office phone with the 'use it anywhere' flexibility of a mobile phone. To begin using it, no manual is required: just insert a standard mobile SIM and start calling.

Unlike a fixed line telephone, the Burnside P355 GSM desk phone can be used anywhere within GSM network coverage, without the delay and expense of landline installation, connection charges or fixed monthly rentals when used on prepaid tariffs. In the UK, using newer group and sharing tariffs, calling mobile-to-mobile can cost up to half as much as the same calls made from a landline to mobiles.

The P355 includes many features that are not normally available on ordinary handheld phones but are essential for efficient communications. A key feature of the P355 is Burnside's Easy Call Transfer which uses a mobile network operator's Explicit Call Transfer service to allow incoming calls to be transferred by the user to any other phone. Other features include handsfree answering, headset support with call recording and large keys to improve dialling efficiency. The P355’s Microsoft TAPI interface enables integration with contact management and CRM applications like MS Outlook, ACT, Goldmine and BluePosition’s MOBILECTI. Call centres and SMEs are now able for the first time to automate outbound dialling over mobile networks from their PCs.

In speech quality tests by a UK mobile network operator the P355 consistently outperformed handheld mobile phones.

The P355 is the perfect phone for people who enjoy having the standard look and feel of a regular landline telephone with the functionality and flexibility of the modern mobile phone.

David Robson, Director of Burnside Telecom, commented, "With the rising cost of landlines, the new Burnside P355 GSM desk phone provides the ideal solution for anyone who needs an affordable, flexible, easy to use phone. It can be used in a wide range of applications, with configuration and calling options that benefit everyone."

The P355 will be available from 13th September 2010. Prices for Burnside GSM deskphones start from £159 excl del and VAT.