New Intelligent Call Queuing System

1 min read
Storacall Voice Systems has just released the new entry level UltraVox CP10, which is a Windows based Call Processor that can add call centre features to most telephone systems or Centrex services

CP10 provides intelligent call queuing, auto attendant, and call reporting facilities together with a powerful range of options for further enhancing the handling and management of telephone traffic. The CP10 can be configured to front end a whole organisation or just handle calls for specific departments or teams.

The vendor says that in an ideal world, a caller wishing to speak to an operator would be connected immediately. When the volume of call traffic exceeds the capacity to answer, queuing calls may become a necessity. The UltraVox CP10 ensures that all incoming telephone calls are handled efficiently. The system structures the way in which callers queue for operators, extensions or departments. It answers and processes incoming telephone calls by providing callers with a menu of queue options, with choices such as: Queue for an operator or department, select information announcements, or leave a message. The menu can be played to callers before they join the queue, and repeated at predetermined intervals, as they move up the queue. The caller can also be informed of their current queue position

With an UltraVox CP10 callers aren’t trapped in a queue, waiting to be dealt with. They can take control of their call, and may even be able to obtain the information they require without speaking to an operator. Callers have control of their call within the queue and managers have full visibility of queue status.

The Ultravox CP10 supports up to 99 queue templates. Each template is a complete description of how the caller will be treated and allows different departments within an organisation to specify their requirements while sharing a single system. Before the caller is transferred, the operator may be played an information message as to which queue the caller originated from or how long they have waited.