New Interquartz Door Phone

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Interquartz, the UK manufacture of business class telephones, has launched a new range of ID200 door phones which takes advantage of telephone systems and eliminates the need for a separate entry device.

The vendor says traditionally door entry systems required separate intercom equipment, but this new product utilises existing analogue extensions on telephone systems or domestic telephone lines.

They add the ID200 series door phones offers many benefits over traditional intercom devices:

For instance, people using cordless phones can answer the door from anywhere in the building and key a code into the handset to let callers in.

Although aimed primarily at businesses and offices, the ID200 can also be installed in domestic houses and flats and would be ideally suited for sheltered housing complexes for the elderly or disabled, who may find it difficult to get to the standard type of intercom quickly. Instead the door could be operated from anywhere in the flat using a phone.

In fact any company or individual that has, or is going to, install or upgrade a telephone system can take advantage of this product and it is likely to replace the traditional intercom buzzer and handset.

The panel can be programmed to switch to day/night mode so security guards out on patrol, carrying a cordless phone, can answer the door if visitors arrive out of normal office hours.

This range can also address the security concerns of businesses in larger premises which do not have a manned reception area.

The ID200 series is available in a 1, 2 or 4 button variants and is presented in a brushed aluminium case, which the company says requires minimal installation and is easy to program. The panel is only 16mm deep and is weather-proof.

“We are very excited about this new product range, which is of interest to architects and specifiers who can see the real advantages of installing this system on to the telephone lines instead of incurring the expense of a separate intercom,” commented Charles Williams, General Manager at Interquartz.