New Life for Mobiles

1 min read
An innovative device which adds a dynamic new dimension to mobile phones is available from distributor Nimans. The GSM Key from Interquartz allows a standard mobile to control a host of devices from opening electric gates, barriers and security shutters to controlling and monitoring alarms, remotely switching servers, routers, telephone systems, home heating and also turning lights on and off.

Communication is via a single free mobile call or by sending a text message and each device can authorise up to 250 mobile users without a key fob or proximity card costs.

Nimans’ Head of Headset and Handset Sales, Philippa Parrish, says the company has recently added the product to its extensive portfolio and is anticipating strong demand.

“Everyone carries a mobile phone so there is a massive market out there. A simple free call connects to the GSM Key which responds to a unique call ID which makes it both secure and reliable.”

She added: “The ingenious unit will also monitor burglar, fire and smoke alarms and send out a text if any are triggered, progressively calling up to eight people. It is a truly intelligent addition to any home or business. You can add or remove users instantly, simply, securely and cost free.”