New research reveals top investment priorities for channel companies

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A study by Sage has revealed channel companies are investing and hiring in technical expertise to meet customer demand.

The new study found that challenges in finding and keeping talent are hitting the channel sector. Almost half of all UK respondents currently in the process of recruiting noted difficulty finding skilled management level staff, while 40 per cent also cited difficulty attracting skilled entry level talent.

Aziz Benmalek, executive vice president, global partner organisation, Sage (pictured), explained, “Customers are looking to their channel partners to help make digitalisation a reality as they embrace new revenue streams and invest with an eye on the future.

“They are being asked to provide expertise in the most complex technological areas – from protection against the latest cyber threats to the enablement of AI and ML. This requires the channel workforce to shift.”

39 per cent of UK resellers cited cloud computing and cyber security skills as desired traits for new talent, while a third are looking for coding skills. In addition, resellers predicted that, by 2024, services requiring more specific technical expertise such as cybersecurity service provision (40 per cent), SaaS application management (38 per cent) and public cloud consumption (33 per cent) will be among those most demanded by clients.