New SIP Solution from Nimans

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Nimans has unveiled an exclusive SIP-based solution as the continued acceleration towards pure IP environments continues.

Nimans’ ‘Converge Connect’ brings together three key services; lines, calls and internet connectivity for one fixed monthly price.

Dealers have a choice of two options. Converge Connect 5 is broadband-based and features five SIP trunks, 5,000 minutes of inclusive calls and free installation costs. Converge Connect 30 is a Fibre To The Cabinet proposition with 30 Sip trunks as well as identical call and installation benefits. Both are backed by seven hour Service Level Agreements and 24/7 support.

“To some extent you could say we hit a tipping point with SIP last year,” says Mark Curtis-Wood, Nimans’ Head of Network Services. “Depending on which stats you are reading we have already seen a third of the ISDN market shift to SIP. This momentum will only grow. For the first time new SIP sales have overtaken ISDN.”

He added: “Converge Connect is an all-in-one- solution and a true ISDN replacement. It gives our customers complete control to go to market with a very compelling service.

“Here at Nimans we have a specialist team that SIP sits under as it is a specialist product. If resellers are going to be taken on a journey they need to make sure they are with a company that’s going to be around for a while, with full support and the connectivity solutions to back this up. We all know the 2025 deadline has been set to make PSTN and ISDN end of life and whilst it seems a million miles away it will be here quicker than we think.“