New SME Assault from Toshiba

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Toshiba BCD is launching its system for up to 25 users, called the Strata CIX40, in March this year.

Daniel Fuller-Smith, National Sales Manager at Toshiba BCD, comments: “The market for up to 25 users is the most competitive for resellers and has been one of the main areas of growth. It’s a great market for resellers; the sales cycle is usually short so they can turn around a large number of sales quickly and profitably.

When targeting the SMB market it is important for resellers to offer low cost, easy to install, low maintenance products to ensure maximum profit. As these companies conduct 60% of their business over the telephone, one of the most important features also needs to be reliability.

We feel our offering is the most cost effective on the market because it offers an enterprise solution at SMB prices. It requires minimal investment from the end-user, and the features are intended to increase the efficiency and productivity of employees.”

The Toshiba Strata CIX40 is designed to provide complete flexibility for small organisations. Users can configure the system as a single site telephone system and add to it as the business grows, or network it with other Strata CIX systems at branch offices. It can also be used as a digital telephone system or as an IP telephony system, with the option to migrate as necessary without 'ripping out and replacing' the entire system.

The Strata CIX family also allows for an organisation to expand and grow the telephone system without losing its initial investment. One platform can support a company’s changing communication requirements, as migrating to higher capacity, or indeed adopting new technology is a quick and simple process.

Fuller-Smith concludes by adding the CIX40 requires minimal investment from resellers in terms of training sales and engineering staff, as it uses the same programming architecture and has the same features as the current CIX range. It is also possible for new resellers to be trained in a day. The product is designed to be installed in a matter of hours, and although competitively price, allows resellers to maximise their profitability in this marketplace.