New Software for NEC Infrontia Aspire

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NEC Infrontia’s Aspire system gives the smoothest transition from analogue to full IP convergence says Managing Director Doug Lawes. The release of software V6.5 with the launch of Aspire mobile extension, delivers desk based system benefits to users’ mobiles when they’re on the road.

Every month sees a significant rise in the volume of mobile call traffic, which is an essential element in every business’s communications strategy. “Until now,” says Lawes, “while it’s been easy enough to reach a mobile, the mobile user has been unable to do anything with the call other than take it. Call transfer has been impossible.”

With Aspire mobile extension, that has changed. It gives field-based users the services, features and flexibility of an NEC system phone. Quite simply, it acts as an internal Aspire system port, linked to a mobile phone, to deliver greater efficiency and productivity while reducing mobile call traffic costs.

Mobile extension supports all main Aspire phone features including Hold and Transfer, Incoming Ring Group Membership, ACD Group Membership, Hotel/Motel, DDI and Call Forward.

Operation is simple. The field based user dials in on a specific DDI number. They are then presented with the Aspire dial tone and they call the required extension.

A caller to the field based user or mobile extension merely dials the extension number and is connected.

Two practical examples of the versatility of mobile extension highlight its compelling advantages. If a call comes into a busy office based sales group it can be picked up by an available team member who happens to be out in the field. No contact is lost. If

the caller is seeking entry to the premises and the mobile extension user wishes to arrange access, the door entry function can allow this.

Lawes emphasises that while the Aspire system leads its users comfortably to any level of converged communications they wish, NEC Infrontia is committed to a continuing programme of software upgrades that will maintain its leading position in its sector. “It’s worth emphasising that users incur only a modest cost for the installation of mobile extension by their preferred reseller. It is an integral part of our new V6.5 version software, which is supplied free to existing customers. Other manufacturers offering a similar upgrade are likely to make a charge.”