NextiraOne Battles Network Failures

1 min read Networks & Network Services
NextiraOne has launched its new flagship world-wide service offering – OneCockpit. Available immediately, OneCockpit is a revolutionary combination of monitoring and management services that will dramatically transform the way CIOs and IT departments manage their network infrastructures to drive greater business benefit from their operations.

The service uses a new generation of monitoring applications and tools combined into a single dashboard that covers all key technologies and manufacturers. It is accessible from any device, including mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. It blends comprehensive and real-time monitoring information with a business-focused view of network performance impact, enabling organisations to manage their networks more effectively, minimise business risk, and plan their infrastructure changes efficiently.

Shaun Ledgerwood, Vice President Business Development & Services at NextiraOne, said: “For our customers, OneCockpit is a highly effective platform that enables the rapid detection of network and application issues, often before users have been affected. It ensures a more stable IT infrastructure for organisations through systematic 24/7 infrastructure monitoring of key performance indicators based on continuous real-time information. It therefore reduces business risk through improved systems availability.”

“NextiraOne’s OneCockpit is more than just a new product launch – it is a world-wide offering that brings together our whole services business, aligning processes, teams, people, documentation and infrastructure,” added Shaun Ledgerwood. “OneCockpit completes and underpins our Managed Services offering – it heralds a new era of services from NextiraOne, building on our long track record as a leading expert in all aspects of communications services.”