Nexus IP Ltd officially launched at Siemens’ London Offices

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The Fourth of July is a special day, not only for Americans. This year it was also the day of the launch party of Nexus IP, the North London based business telecommunications provider. Historically managing director Mark Casey and his team have had close links and a very successful relationship with Siemens Enterprise Communications and so it was especially fitting that the official launch of the company was held at Siemens’ London offices.

Introducing the company, Mark emphasised that Nexus IP is a continuation of a twenty year relationship with Siemens; a relationship built on the solid foundations of professionalism, integrity and quality of product and service. Casey holds the Institute of Directors’ Chartered Directorship and emphasised that the tenets of that attainment would lead the company as it builds on its solid start.

Leon Mangan, Siemens’ sales director, told the audience of the dependability of Mark and his team when fulfilling substantial projects to medium and enterprise sized clients. He specifically mentioned the successful implementation of telecommunications for their parent Gores Group for its UK base.

He said that Siemens was now confidently looking for increased sales through the new company.

Among the guest speakers, Tim Cooper-Jones OBE of the Institute of Directors made the point that 95% of UK employees work for SME’s and only 14% of graduates now work for larger organisations. And so he was most pleased to be able to take part in the official launch of an SME built on sound foundations. Mr Cooper-Jones expanded on the ways in which good leadership, through having a Chartered Director on a company’s board, can help to ensure sustained growth and wished Nexus IP every success.

David Burrowes MP for Enfield Southgate, where Nexus IP is located, expressed his pleasure at being invited to the launch. He too stressed the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit of SME’s, one that was the backbone of local employment. Mr Burrowes looked ahead to celebrating Nexus IP’s successes in the coming months and years and declared the company officially launched, allowing the champagne to flow.