Nimans Announce EFM Promotion

1 min read Distributors
Nimans resellers can take advantage of free EFM network connections as part of a special promotion running until the end of January 2015.

Free EFM (Ethernet First Mile) quad pair installation is available for all three year contracts, representing an average saving of up to £500.

Mark Curtis-Wood, Head of Nimans’ Network Services says EFM is a cost effective alternative to Ethernet Internet access, maximising the potential of legacy technology and a step up from traditional DSL.

He says it’s ideal for businesses looking for a speed upgrade and sites that rely heavily on the internet for on-site or cloud-based services.

Businesses looking for a cost-effective replacement for BT leased lines and those increasingly using high-quality voice (SIP & Hosted), data, video and CRM systems with greater resilience, would also benefit.

“Resellers need to act fast as this compelling offer is only available for a limited period,” he emphasised. “EFM is playing an increasingly important role in today’s data hungry world and resellers can literally save hundreds of pounds by taking advantage of this promotion. We expect demand to be high.”