Nimans Enhance Select Programme

1 min read
Dealers have the chance to enjoy a luxury five-star Mediterranean holiday by joining an exclusive membership scheme from telecoms distributor Nimans that aims to reward brand loyalty and bring resellers and vendors closer together.

Dealers working with Plantronics, Siemens and Panasonic are eligible to join the Nimans ‘Select’ club that seeks to provide all the benefits of direct account status through distribution. In addition to a spectacular holiday on the sun soaked island of Majorca, a range of other impressive benefits can also be sampled.

These include: exclusive product discounts, lead generation schemes, free membership and monthly prize giveaways.

The holiday competition recognises various aspects of a dealer’s relationship with Nimans, as in addition to the highest sales, best newcomer and best percentage growth categories are part of the Panasonic programme.

“Serving the customer has always been our mission statement and we know this exclusive club inspires future sales and rewards the loyalty of our extensive dealer network as we recognise the fundamental role they play in our business,” confirmed Nimans’ Head of Marketing Stuart Bradshaw.

“Dealers working with key manufacturers have the opportunity to benefit from tangible bottom line benefits by joining Select and moving closer to the vendors themselves through a range of incentives and support programmes.”