Nimans hands partners a door-opener

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Nimans is inviting resellers to open more sales doors by embracing the latest access control and door entry solutions.

Nimans says the technology represents a natural extension of traditional telephony solutions.

2N - an international manufacturer of comms innovations such as analogue and IP gateways, intercoms and public address systems – is one of several brands Nimans stocks.

Its ‘2N Indoor Touch’ communication system is based on the Android operating system and utilises a touchscreen display where users can see and speak to visitors, unlock doors and control Home Automation Systems. Even add features such as CCTV System Apps to view a camera system on the same device.

Nimans’ Head of Channel Sales, Tom Maxwell says embracing door access technology provides resellers with more strength to embrace growing areas of the communications market.

“2N is one of several brands we work with; a leading European ICT company operating worldwide, specialising in the development and manufacture of telecommunication solutions and its portfolio includes door and security intercoms, IP public address systems, M2M solutions and a wide range of gateways and routers,” he emphasised. “We’re here to help our resellers open more sales doors by embracing what is a natural extension of their existing telephony and IT infrastructures.”

Tom added: “It’s a growing area of the market with lots of revenue potential for our customers.”