Nimans Highlights Asterisk for Competitive Advantage

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Nimans is urging more resellers to ‘join the Asterisk journey’ and take advantage of a powerful way to gain a competitive market advantage in the comms arena.

Asterisk is an open source framework for building communications applications that transforms an ordinary computer into a communications server. It powers IP PBX systems and VoIP gateways such as Nimans’ iQ PBX platform, conference servers and other custom solutions.

Asterisk is at the heart of Nimans’ exclusive iQ PBX platform. This next generation technology is perfect for resellers who want an all-in-one solution, as well as those who prefer to ‘get under the bonnet’ and create a more bespoke comms platform. It’s easy to implement and manage, inexpensive and scalable, says Nimans’ iQ Business Manager, Judith Addison.

“Today, there are more than one million Asterisk-based communications systems in use in more than 170 countries. Often deployed by system integrators and developers, Asterisk can become the basis for a complete business phone system, or be used to enhance or extend an existing system, or bridge a gap between systems. Its impact is growing so don’t miss out,” she emphasised.

Combining technical excellence with product innovation, the Asterisk-based suite consists of various high performance products such as the X600i Gateway which has the capacity for up to 100 extensions for less than £500 (trade).

An SX16 Core Switch, SX5 Edge Switch and TX170 and TX150 SIP Phones are also part of a suite of products that can be deployed as a “family” to offer a complete communications solution; or integrated with incumbent hardware.