Nimans Kicks Off Simplified Tour

1 min read Distributors
Nimans has taken to the road to showcase how resellers can embrace the simple route to increased revenue through Network Services.

Mobile, connectivity, hosted PBX and broadband as well as services and billing form the cornerstone of Nimans’ ‘Simplified’ network services proposition.

The division has gone on tour to engage face-to-face with resellers, beginning at the Museum of Science and Industry, in Manchester followed by The Arena, Basingstoke (May 16th) and the National Space Centre in Leicester (May 23rd).

Attendees experienced Nimans’ new reseller portal, The Hub, heard about the company’s Simplified Service model which includes a 24/7 helpdesk proposition and also discovered more about its new Simplified Hosted PBX platform. In addition they met partner product specialists and learned about the division’s roadmap and future developments.

Mark Curtis-Wood, Nimans Head of Network Services provided a Simplified overview before the audience heard from speakers on Simplified Mobile, Simplified Connectivity, Simplified Hosted PBX and Simplified Service.

Step-by-step guides have also been created to showcase a host of services and support programmes where broadband tariffs are available from £6.95 per month and savings of up to 40% can be enjoyed from fixed price ‘On-net’ connectivity alongside reduced install times.

Mark says the events showcased how Nimans’ Simplified support solutions deliver maximum reseller margins - based on a straightforward approach to wholesale tariffs, multi-service propositions and refined back office support which deliver added value to partners.

“Nimans is a very steady business, always looking to the future. Technology is always changing and Nimans’ Network Services has almost reinvented itself. It’s a very interesting and evolving sector.

“We recognise that network services can sometimes seem complex for some resellers – from the technology itself to billing and recurring revenue. It’s a journey where many resellers are at different stages, but we’re with them every step of the way. We recognise if we don’t make it simple, it’s difficult to sell solutions to your customers.”

Mark added: “In addition we’ve launched an upgraded web portal to simplify the complexities of manual administration too – enabling resellers to truly self-serve.”

He concluded: “Whether connectivity, business mobile, hosted and cloud solutions or standard voice services, the events generated lots of positive feedback as they provided the perfect opportunity for resellers to take the straightforward approach to simplify their offering to customers.”