Nimans Outlines 2007 Roadshow Programme

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Distributor Nimans is planning an enhanced series of trade roadshows for 2007, delivering an even more informative and educational programme, focusing on new technology from some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

The 2007 schedule is designed to recruit more resellers and educate those already in a specific brand channel. Dealers will be offered a more informed choice about continual product developments and software upgrades.

Nationwide venues are currently being selected for 2007 covering Panasonic, Siemens, Mitel, Ericsson, Avaya and NEC, the major brands Nimans works with. Confirmed dates for 2007 so far include: Ericsson – 6th February (Manchester) and 8th February (Basingstoke) and an NEC event on 21st February in Newcastle.

Nimans’ Phone Systems Sales Manager, Phil Adams, said: “2006 marked our first universal series of roadshows rolled out across all brands and it was a resounding success. There was something different and dedicated for each manufacturer. In 2007 we are planning to run these roadshows on a continual basis, highlighting new messages, trends and developments to the market on an on-going basis.

“There will be more roadshows, more dealer days, more education and more recruitment, as part of an aggressive assault by Nimans to grow the channel for each brand we work with. Our aim is to enhance and build on what has been achieved so far.”

“The emphasis in 2007 is on recruiting more resellers to the brands we offer, building the channel and enhancing each reseller’s product portfolio. We are not saying to resellers that they should stop selling what they have already but offer an alternative switch that adds value and basically gives them a greater reach into the market – more choice for them and their customers.

“Our aim is to encourage a greater selection of people, selling our products, building knowledge and evangelising products around those resellers to make sure they have a clear understanding of how to take that product to market and how to position it. It’s about informing and educating.”