Nimans Tackle Charity Golf Challenge

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A quartet of gallant golfers from Nimans teed-up a special charity challenge by completing four rounds in one day – spanning 16 hours and 25 miles of walking.

Darren Wilson, Gavin Elly, Lee Fletcher and Chris Widocks played continuously to raise thousands of pounds for Macmillan Cancer Support – with Nimans doubling their sponsorship efforts.

The group started at 5am at Alderley Edge Golf Club in Cheshire and finally finished their golfing marathon just before 9pm – earning a standing ovation from club members, after each hitting over 350 shots as part of a nationwide Macmillan fundraising event.

“It was a gruelling day but we were determined not to be beaten,” said Darren. “I have had personal contact with this charity as will a lot of people in some way and what they do is priceless. So raising funds to help so many more people feel special is the least we can do. So many staff at Nimans have supported us and we were never going to let them or the charity down even though the last few hours was very tough going. But the elation sinking my final put on the final hole was such a great feeling.”

Anyone wishing to support the golfers can donate at: