No Knee-Jerk Legislation says Entanet

1 min read Networks & Network Services
Entanet is calling on Internet businesses and service providers to join the debate about the need for information about users’ communications to be made available to security services, following the recent attacks in Paris.

In the latest posting on its popular Opinion blog, the company sets out its long-held view that for any ‘Snooper’s charter’ the industry must be allowed to give its views and apply its own scrutiny to any plans that will enable the government or its agencies to track browsing activity, emails and calls of individual users. Entanet also concurs with views already expressed that any attempt to prevent some communication being encrypted is doomed to failure.

In the article, Entanet’s Paul Heritage-Redpath says: “Let’s hope any further legislation is introduced following proper industry scrutiny for once and not in some pre-election vote boosting ‘back-door loop-hole’ as previous experience (i.e. the DEA) has demonstrated. We can only hope!”

He also asks if the stakes have now got so high that legislation of this kind is inevitable and asks ISPs and resellers to give their views on what should happen. Entanet also expresses its concern that laws will be rushed through ahead of the May General Election to satisfy the perceived public desire for positive action to be taken to combat potential terrorists’ digital communications.