Node4 Core Investment Delivers

1 min read Cloud
Node4 has completed a multi-million pound investment in its core network infrastructure. By installing its own Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) network, Node4 will be able to offer its own high-speed connections directly to customers, slashing deployment times by at least 50%.

Third party suppliers often take up to three months to deliver new high-speed links. But with the multi-million pound investment in its new infrastructure, Node4 now has the ability to offer businesses 10Gb Ethernet or 8Gb fibre channel connections in its core network with minimal deployment time.

By implementing its own, wholly owned, dark fibre and DWDM equipment between its multiple sites, Node4 now has total control over its core network. The DWDM network will provide high-speed, reliable and secure connectivity between Node4’s Data Centres, significantly increasing the bandwidth capacity of its DC estate.

The increase in capacity enabled by Node4’s new network will be a major advantage for businesses looking to implement services such as data replication, disaster recovery and faster internet connectivity.

Paul Bryce, Business Development Director at Node4 commented: “We are committed to providing our customers with the most advanced, scalable and resilient connectivity solutions available. Organisations today rely on robust and secure high-speed connectivity, which is why we are continuously upgrading our capabilities to ensure that we meet the ever-increasing needs of businesses.”