Nokia and Capcom resurrect Resident Evil Degeneration

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Nokia and Capcom have announced that Resident Evil Degeneration will be released on N-Gage later this year. With gameplay optimised for N-Gage, including two separate play modes, plus multiple mission types and 3D quality graphics, Resident Evil Degeneration is a cutting edge title that illustrates the unique capabilities of the N-Gage platform.

The game, part-based on the upcoming October theatrical release in Japan full length CG motion picture of the same name, focuses on the release of a deadly virus by a terrorist at a US airport and follows series favourites Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, as they attempt to destroy the virus and prevent it from being dispersed across the country.

Resident Evil Degeneration is the first full length CG motion picture from the Resident Evil series, widely considered to be the benchmark of the survival horror video game genre.

Gregg Sauter, director of third party publishing at Nokia, stated: "We're thrilled to bring another major franchise to our N-Gage platform. For many years, Capcom has been entertaining people around the world with exceptional gaming experiences and we're delighted that they have decided to release one of their most popular franchises for N-Gage. Resident Evil Degeneration will serve as an exciting new chapter for fans of the series and deliver a unique gaming experience that they will not be able to achieve anywhere else. "

Takeshi Tezuka, general manager of Capcom's mobile division, added: "The release of Resident Evil Degeneration illustrates our dedication to N-Gage. We believe that the platform is an excellent home for some of our most famous franchises and our dedication to quality and creative thinking has seen us create a unique game with stunning visuals and in-depth game play, never before seen on the mobile."