Nokia N96 Orange and O2 deals offer the Nokia N-Series phone free

The latest release from the Nokia N-Series range of top end smartphones has been made available to order on both O2 and Orange contract deals by the CPW Group and Phones4U in the UK.

Phones Limited is now collating data feeds by both retailers for price comparison of the N96 tariffs, results show that consumers can order the phone from Free with £35 line rental on Orange Dolphin and Racoon 35 whilst on O2 the Nokia N96 is available from Free on O2 1200 + 500 with £45 line rental charges.

Recent news revealed that the network O2 will not be subsidising this new N-Series device, however consumers will be able to buy the N96 with O2 contracts from independent retailers and dealers. The Nokia N96 is also now being offered as a SIM Free handset by Pixmania in the UK so consumers can own the handset outright and use their existing SIM card to retain their mobile number and account details without having to incur any extra line rental charges.