Nortel Launches New SIP Contact Centre

1 min read
Nortel has announced new capabilities for its SIP Contact Center 6.0 solution saying that customers benefit from capabilities that will let them interact with agents via video or start a call with one means of communication then change to another within the same session. If a customer is waiting for agent assistance, information relevant to their inquiry can be pushed to them through web pages.

"Nortel's SIP Contact Center solution creates a breakthrough consumer experience by providing customers a range of methods through which they can receive support," said Dave Murashige, general manager, Multimedia Applications, Nortel. "It helps businesses drive ongoing competitive advantage by offering customers a multi-modal approach such as starting a call with voice, moving to video and using Instant Messaging at the same time. What once would have taken multiple sessions can now be done in one."

The vendor adds that SIP Contact Center 6.0 helps customers get information faster when they access the contact centre via the company's web site because they are automatically pushed a web page that references the information they need while they wait for an available agent. Also, once they are speaking with an agent, expert advice is not limited to one agent. A virtual team of knowledge experts can collaborate via phone, web, email, chat, IM, or video.

Nortel's Contact Center 6.0, is a next-generation SIP-based multimedia contact centre designed to be open and interface with any endpoints whether mobile, IP, SIP or TDM. It offers a single architecture that enables managers to adapt any contact centre to meet diverse customer needs and accelerate customer resolution, often in a single session.