Northgate Public Services to become NEC Software Solutions

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NEC Corporation and Northgate Public Services (NPS) have announced a name change that means NPS will become NEC Software Solutions UK from July 2021. NEC Software Solutions UK will remain a separate limited company and will continue to operate from its offices in the UK.

Tina Whitley (pictured), CEO designate of Northgate Public Services, explained, “Since being acquired by the NEC group in 2018, our customers have benefited from over £71 million of investment, comprising £42 million on products and £29 million for acquisitions. This has enabled us to develop innovative solutions and services to meet continually changing market needs.

“We’ve transformed our cloud first enterprise housing software to become the market leader. Our policing system, Connect, has evolved so that police officers can access information about crimes, victims and suspects while on the beat, and in health, we have evolved to become the foremost supplier of non-cancer screening services in the UK.

“NEC values our expertise. They believe in what we are doing and want us to keep on doing it. As NEC Software Solutions UK, we can maintain our roots in the UK while expanding our presence in the global market with the backing to enable us to bring the latest innovations in IoT, AI and facial recognition to our customers.”

NEC said it has already planned a number of new developments, including a fully mobile housing asset management system for social housing landlords, a cloud-based control room system for emergency services and a combined case management system for adult and youth offending for the justice sector.

Dr. Masakazu Yamashina, executive vice president of NEC Corporation, added, “We regard NPS as an important part of NEC’s global business. We are proud of the company’s success and excited for the future as we continue to work with the UK team to drive innovation across the public sector under its new company name, NEC Software Solutions UK.”