NTA unveils new handset and wallboard feature

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NTA has announced a widget wallboard feature and a new addition to its range of handsets. The new widget feature that allows users to add different widgets to the real-time call traffic wallboard for its hosted platform.

Cliff Chandler, sales manager at NTA, said, “We are continuingly adding features to our already feature rich hosted portal as we want resellers to have as many tools available to provide the best solution to their customers.”

The company says that the new widget wallboard (pictured below) has been designed to cater to a wide range of businesses – from busy sales offices monitoring agents, to business owners or managers viewing the activity and statistics of the entire team. Widgets that can be added to the wallboard include call data, call volumes and queues.

NTA has also added an E50 model handset to its brandable range of handsets. The E50 is a high-end, enterprise colour screen handset and includes a large BLF/DSS display with up to 106 keys available. This device can be used as a Reception, Operator, Management or Supervisor Console. The most prominent feature is the ability to showcase the widget wallboard functionally within the BLF/DSS area of the handset itself – an ability the company says can enable supervisors to easily view colleague activity.

Aeon Converged Voice and Data Limited, an NTA reseller, has beta tested the E50 handset with the widget wallboard functionality. After a successful trial, the company has now ordered additional handsets. Tommy Downes, director at Aeon Converged Voice and Data, explained, “We had an opportunity where the customer was looking to move to a hosted solution from an ageing on premise installation. This was driven partly by an office move along with looking for more flexible working options from their telephony setup, such as home or remote working and mobile applications.

“One of the main aspects identified was that the new office premises were open plan. The management team no longer wanted large displays showing call centre statistics as these would be visible to the rest of the office along with any visitors.

“We demonstrated an E50 handset running the widget wallboard which was exactly what was required. Now, all call centre staff can easily see on their handset how many calls are in the queue, available agents and overall answer and missed queue stats without large wall mounted displays. This development was key to us securing the order.”

NTA has said the new feature and handset, or any of its other offerings, can be discussed with Cliff Chandler on 01708 320 000 or