O-bit Rock Wembley at Muse Concert

O-bit Telecom gave customers the rock star treatment over the weekend, attending two performances by Muse at Wembley Stadium. The company used the two day event to make full use of their corporate box.

On Friday the Marketing Team attended the concert for a staff incentive day. Sales and Marketing Director Elizabeth Sparrow said of the event, “after working so hard it’s really great to give something back to our staff. What better way than witnessing one of the best live performances of recent years, at one of the best venues in the country.”

On the following night Operations Manager Paul Richens went along to the gig with a selection of both colleagues and customers for a further night of music entertainment and spectacle. “All I can say is “wow!”” said Paul after seeing the world famous band live. “What a brilliant experience to have and to share with our staff and customers – I’ll remember this night for a very long time!”