O-bit Telecom: New Portal Tools

1 min read
O-bit telecom provider has announced a collection of new reseller portal tools which aim to save resellers time and ultimately enhance their billing experience.

These new tools have been provided for resellers to effectively manage their clients’ accounts. The tools vary from enhanced upload and download tools; enabling the reseller to now upload their own tariffs and logos, regeneration options of re-sending previous invoices, to improved overriding services which will allow an upload of multiple references at one time.

These tools will ultimately give sole responsibility of account management to the reseller. It will give them huge control and therefore allow O-bit to move faster when working with client queries and to focus further on offering valuable service and developing new products.

O-bit has invested heavily in the tools they offer to their resellers and believe it gives them a real edge against their competitors when used effectively.

A training programme will also be offered to all resellers using O-bit’s portal to provide a thorough exploration through the new tools available, ensuring all resellers have the knowledge required to utilise the new portal services to their maximum effect.

O-bit are excited to be launching these new portal tools and are confident they will greatly assist resellers in their billing experience; saving time and turning the process into a much more effective one that resellers can rely on.

Dave Breith comments, "The O-bit portal has always been central to our wholesale proposition, these enhancements have been in direct response to feedback we have received from the channel and we believe this pro-active development ensures the O-bit portal remains ahead of the competition. Ultimately, the tool ensures O-bit resellers are able to work efficiently and offer a quality, 'hands on service' to their customers."