O-bit Telecom Widens SIP Services For Resellers

Daisy firm O-bit Telecom has launched a new SIP Disaster Recovery service to bolster their already successful SIP proposition. The new service secures user’s traffic with automatic failover and provides peace of mind for both resellers and their customers. The company says that as with all O-bit’s SIP products, SIP DR comes with free set up and full client support.

Dave Breith, O-bit CEO, explains, “SIP trunk failover allows users with an O-bit SIP trunk to have a second IP dormant on their set up for disaster recovery purposes. If the usual trunk they route to and from goes down, they will automatically use the second trunk to route the traffic.” Breith further adds “We have seen huge demand for SIP services as SIP Trunks are a viable alternative to dedicated ISDN lines and channels and can easily scale up during customer’s busy periods making them a flexible as well as cost effective option. It made sense to expand our SIP offering so that our resellers could provide an even better product offering to their base.”