Opera Turbo browsing kicks into overdrive

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Results from the first year of the compression technology, Opera Turbo, show a universal demand from users for increased browsing speeds at lower costs.

More than 5.2 million users turbo charged their browsing in August, with more than one in 10 of Opera’s 50 million monthly desktop users activating Opera Turbo to unclog a slow internet connection.

Released in September last year as part of Opera 10 for PC/Mac/Linux, Opera Turbo is a unique compression technology that rescues users from the frustration of slow connections. If users are stuck on a dial-up connection, rely on 3G cards in their netbooks or get crowded out in a busy WiFi area, activating Opera Turbo gives a browsing boost by reducing the size of webpages by up to 80%. This means faster surfing and lower browsing costs.

In the past year, Opera Turbo users have browsed 25.8 billion compressed pages in total, letting Opera Turbo do the heavy lifting by serving more than 1697 terabytes of compressed data. In that time, Opera Turbo’s total compression has spared users data equal to the printed collection of the US Library of Congress 191 times over, or 319 times the entire contents of Wikipedia.

The top 20 countries taking advantage of faster surfing with Opera Turbo are (in order): Russian Federation; Ukraine; India; Germany; Indonesia; Poland; China; US; Belarus; Kazakhstan; Brazil; Italy; UK; Turkey; France; Czech Republic; Iran; Slovakia; Romania; and Spain.

These country results demonstrate that Opera Turbo works for anyone bound by a slow connection and that users across the globe are united by the goal to save time and money when browsing.

“Prior to the launch of Opera Turbo, we expected that this technology would be adopted first and foremost by those with dial-up connections and limited broadband,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “We are delighted to see Opera Turbo helping users to power-up in a wide variety of countries for a wide variety of needs. It is rewarding to celebrate the anniversary of Opera Turbo with such significant speed gains and cost savings for users across the globe.”