Panasonic announces single cell DECT telecoms solution

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Panasonic has announced the availability of its next generation single cell SIP DECT telecoms solution. The KX-TGP700 can be used for both office-based and mobile employees, and offers scalable and flexible wireless telecoms that are suitable for small to medium businesses.

The company says that single cell DECT solutions were previously only suitable for businesses at smaller site locations. Larger businesses needing wider coverage required multicell solutions that were much more expensive and complex to install and maintain. Compared to the TGP600, Panasonic’s existing single cell solution, the next generation Panasonic TGP700 doubles the number of handsets and concurrent calls that can be handled.

Raphael Studer, European business development manager for Panasonic Communication Solutions Division, said, “The next generation Panasonic TGP700 solution is great news for business. Now many larger organisations can benefit from the cost-effective simplicity and flexibility of a single cell DECT system and avoid the cost and complexities of multicell solutions.”

The TGP700 DECT base station operates with 16 registered handsets and 16 SIP lines for public numbers that can handle 16 concurrent calls. This means the solution can suit logistics operations with warehouses, medical offices, restaurants and retail stores.

The new product is also Panasonic’s first to include Busy Lamp Field functionality for handsets registered to the base station, allowing users to see which handsets are available or in use.

To ensure that every type of worker has the appropriate communications tools, the TGP700 has a comprehensive ecosystem of DECT handsets and DECT-based desk phones available. This includes the latest Panasonic KX-TPA70 (pictured below) and KX-TPA73 handsets launched earlier this year; these products are designed to take the user experience to the next level with a clear colour interface and streamlined and intuitive functionality.