Pangea and Telematics get Smart with Lighting Solution

M2M & IoT
Telematics Wireless Ltd and Pangea has announced a partnership to provide Cellular Connectivity for Smart Street Lighting Solutions. Pangea will be providing a cost-effective cellular solution for Telematics’ lighting gateways over a secure private network (commonly referred to as 'APN') as part of Telematics’ smart street lighting solutions.'

“As a major player in providing smart street lighting solutions, we are delighted to partner Pangea for our telematics projects. I am confident that the partnership will enhance our smart street lighting solution offerings to our customers with the necessary cellular connectivity and services needed for smart city deployment,” said Eddy Kafry, Chief Executive Officer of Telematics Wireless.

Dan Cunliffe, Managing Director of Pangea, said, “We have conducted a trial that demonstrated the capabilities of our SMART Connectivity platform and explained the capabilities of the APN and real-time management to the customer. Leveraging the capabilities of our platform, we are looking forward to support the customer’s rollout in UK and expanding our global market reach in the near future.”