Pangea launches new IoT knowledge hub for partners

1 min read M2M & IoT
Pangea has unveiled the new Pangea Hub: their new IoT knowledge base, support platform, and partner toolkit

Pangea are proud to unveil the partner-exclusive Pangea Hub—their new IoT knowledge base, support platform, and partner community, all in one.

It’s full of guides designed to make training and onboarding a breeze, while giving partners the autonomy and power to easily solve issues on their own.

And for the tasks that require a two-pronged approach, partners have reliable access to the Pangea support team through a new live chat system.

The Hub is also home to tools like the national coverage checker: a map showing the network coverage of all four major networks across the UK. When planning for deployments, Pangea’s partners can now instantly check and compare what networks and what type of connectivity are available anywhere in the UK.

‘The Hub is chock full of tools and content built to empower our partners. While the raw knowledge is definitely important, the Pangea Hub’s real focus is on outcomes for partners,’ said Pangea’s Ops Director Chris Romeika.

‘For some, that might be a pivotal answer in one of our valuable guides or through a live chat; for others, it may be using the coverage checker to map out their next deployment.

‘And this is just the beginning—we’ll be adding even more in-depth walkthroughs and exciting tools over time, so watch this space. We encourage our partners to dive in and take full advantage of everything the Hub has to offer!’