Pax8 partners with cloud management platform provider

Pax8 has announced a partnership with Kalibr8, a multi-tenant cloud management platform.

The platform enables MSPs to better understand and adjust cloud computing environments to ensure efficient operations, eliminate waste, and enhance security and compliance in the cloud.

Through Kalibr8's advanced analytics and actionable features, partners on the Pax8 Marketplace can now optimise cloud usage and spending patterns, identify underused resources, make necessary adjustments such as downscaling and decommissioning resources, and take advantage of reserved instance opportunities. By automating scheduling to balance peak and off-peak needs, Kalibr8 ensures that organisations pay only for what they need, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.

2In today's digital landscape, cloud optimisation and efficient cost management are essential for organisations to thrive," said Nikki Meyer, Pax8 corporate vice president of vendor global alliance. "We are pleased to welcome Kalibr8 to our Marketplace as a unique new offering, empowering our partners to enhance their customers' cloud operations and eliminate unnecessary expenses."

Designed for MSPs, Kalibr8's multi-tenant capabilities, detailed billing and reporting features, and automated cloud exploration tools enable partners to identify optimisation opportunities for their customers. The platform also improves security and compliance in the cloud, incorporating observability and alerting features to prevent fraud and potential hijacking of resources. Partners can now use Kalibr8 with their Azure operations, with more cloud providers available in the future.

2Pax8 has changed forever how MSPs can discover, provision, and deliver cloud services to their end customers, with a marketplace that simplifies operations and dramatically improves margins," said Ben McGahon, founder and CEO of Kalibr8. "After working closely with the Pax8 crew, we are proud to make our cloud optimisation automation software available to the tens of thousands of MSPs Pax8 serves, making it easier than ever for them to manage cloud resources and maximise margins with little effort required."

Pax8 has also announced the global availability of MSPbots on the Pax8 Marketplace. MSPbots provides a platform built for MSPs to address pain points in people management and ticket processing. It has more than 70 integrations and a reporting platform that provides more than 5,000 prebuilt widgets, dashboards and datasets.

Additionally, the company has announced the global availability of SuperOps, a solution that automates MSP operations. SuperOps is the first PSA-RMM tool available for purchase through the Pax8 Marketplace.

Pax8 has also launched a new Pax8 Marketplace. The solution has two new major features: Opportunity Explorer, an intelligent growth solution that uses AI and data to reveal actionable insights that enable MSPs to identify sales opportunities and tailor recommendations; and Storefronts, which enables MSPs to create a branded buying experience for their customers who want a self-serve option.

The company has also announced its new security program. Based on the CIS Control Framework, the program provides partners with a proven approach to establishing their security practices. Through the Pax8 Security Program, partners can use various resources and tools to become proficient in cybersecurity prevention.





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