Pay-As-You-Grow Model a Success Says Datacentreplus

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Manchester-based Datacentreplus is seeing growth via its ‘pay-as-you’ grow service, with fast growth tech firm Autom8 taking full advantage of the flexible data centre model.

Datacentreplus provides colocation for businesses’ IT equipment at its Media City premises, working with organisations who want to outsource their power, storage and cooling requirements for their servers and data backup.

Having trialled a flexible data centre offering in 2015, Datacentreplus formally launched its ‘Pay as you Grow’ offering earlier this year, essentially giving clients with the ability to grow their services, allowing them to reserve dedicated space, and only paying for it when they grow into it.

And Birmingham-based Autom8 – the partner whose growth aspirations prompted the creation of Datacentreplus’s flexible data centre concept - is one such business, amassing huge growth over the last 12 months.

Operating in the contact centre market, Autom8 provide hosted telephony and call centre products that integrate with CRM systems.

With a customer base that is entirely dependent on its ability to interact through outbound and inbound call centre communications, the business needed a service that went beyond a rigid data centre offering. It required a partner that could both host their platform reliably and cost effectively, while still allowing a flexible service to accommodate their growth ambitions and scaling business.

Autom8, Chief Executive Shahid Ahmed, said: “Datacentreplus has physically adapted its own service to support our growth. We have experienced rapid expansion and they were able to meet our immediate requirement and also support our aspirational and aggressive growth ambitions.

“We initially procured a small number of dedicated servers, colocation services and technical consultancy. However, through ‘pay as you grow’ we were able to expand from four to 100 dedicated servers in the space of 10 months.”

Mashukul Hoque, founder and Managing Director of Datacentreplus, said: “It is important that as data centre providers we do not take the ‘one size fits all’ approach. With the case of Autom8, we listened to the needs and budget considerations, and this has allowed us to provide the necessary space and support for growth of their business.

“Small to medium-sized businesses are increasingly becoming digital businesses and require a helping hand when commencing their digital journey. The data centre community has a role to play in facilitating this journey and I believe as an industry we have a responsibility to support this.”