Payout rates for mobile content on the increase

1 min read Networks & Network Services
With businesses looking to maximize their earning potential from selling mobile content and services, Bango is warning them to look beyond the published headline rates presented by their billing providers.

Anil Malhotra, SVP of marketing and alliances, commented: "While industry payout rates are on the increase, the other important question is what the conversion rate is likely to be. There are significant variations in the quality of service that billing providers deliver. Mobile content businesses switching suppliers can achieve up to a 6% immediate increase in revenues."

To ensure maximum return, look beyond the headlines, said Malhotra. A place to start is the provider's pedigree in mobile web billing. Ask how many existing clients already use WAP billing and enquire what type of billing relationships the provider has with operators. Then closely examine the billing flow - from the customer's point of view.

Simon Buckingham, CEO of Mobile Streams, added: "The high conversion rates we have seen from the Bango billing system have really helped us to build our service. We are reaping the rewards of Bango's long experience in WAP billing by providing a fast single-bill billing flow for our customers."

Over eight rate increases were delivered to Bango customers in the last 12 months with a top rate of 87% for on-bill payment in the UK.