PBX Sales Remain Strong for Nimans

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Distributor Nimans is reporting ‘plenty of life’ in traditional PBX voice infrastructures despite the emergence of powerful unified comms and IP-based technologies.

Hybrid platforms remain the most viable route for many end users according to Nimans’ Systems Sales Director, Phil Adams, who points out that running IP ‘end to end’ does not represent a universal one-fit solution.

“There can be compelling reasons either way to run single or dual infrastructures. It really depends on a client’s circumstances,” he observed. Adams says that whilst resellers have embraced the latest IP developments, lots of businesses are still ideally served by running separate voice and data networks - which is reflected in current sales.

“New build virgin sites are a different proposition because high speed data networks can be put in place from scratch,” he confirmed. “The resellers I am coming across are not sceptics where the latest technologies are concerned, they have all embraced them in a market being driven by the many different applications and business solutions available - the ability to get all your communications to a single work station.”

But he pointed out: “You don’t have to go pure IP to access these services as many office environments still operate on a standard digital platform where there is a tremendous amount of resilience and reliability. A lot of companies have a separate cabling structure in place for their data and voice so in many cases there is no point converging to just one. At Nimans we have a range of solutions available, whatever route is chosen.”

Adams emphasised: “You can still run systems independently and utilise VoIP where and when you need it. There has to be a compelling reason to go VoIP ‘end to end’ and in certain situations there are strong reasons, but in others there are not. A key factor is to ensure that a data network can deliver the highest quality of service. It all depends on the client’s demands. From our experience resellers do understand these issues.

At some future stage dealers will not continue to install dual infrastructures but at the moment there is a lot of life in traditional PBX platforms which very often have hybrid technology to offer a degree of future proofing and increased returns on investment.

“To go IP ‘end to end’ knits converged solutions and unified comms closer together. It does not mean you can’t achieve the same level of unified comms by other means, it’s just a much cleaner way of doing so.”